• Tree Pruning and Trimming Work

  • You may think that your tree needs to be removed only to find out that it actually needs a good trimming. Here at Tree Service Springfield Massachusetts, we are professionals who work hard to provide your trees with the utmost care. If you are in need of tree trimming services, call us today.

  • Why Should You Trim Your Trees?

    There are a number of reasons why you ought to trim your trees.  The firs is aesthetic value.  When you have plants, you want them to look shapely which ultimately makes your landscaping and property look better.  To achieve this look, you need to trim your trees regularly.  Trees don't all grow the same way, some branches might end up bigger than others and this can be resolved by occasional trimming.

    Trimming also helps to encourage tree growth. The shape of branch growth can cause stunting. If the branches obstruct each other, they need to be reshaped to provide ample sunlight to every part and therefore encourage growth of the tree. This goes hand in hand with productivity of the tree. If you have fruit-bearing trees, it is important to get a professional to trim them once in a while to increase your yield.

    When to Trim Your Trees

    It takes advice from a professional arborist to know when to trim your trees. Deciduous trees lose their leaves during winter while evergreen ones always have theirs. The time to trim these types of trees varies. If you happen to trim the tree at the wrong time, it could bleed a lot of sap from the tree. This then has the implication that your tree will become weak which makes it prone to collapsing and infections. You definitely want to avoid such a situation.

    It is also important to check the period of time between trims. If you end up trimming too much, some branches could end up as stubs or have their nodes form rings, which are not good for the plant. This general information goes a long way. However, it is best to seek advice from the arborists before making any move.

    Advantages of Hiring a Professional

    Some of the advantages that you will enjoy from hiring a professional include:

    • Health and safety measures taken to ensure that no one gets injured on or during the job
    • Professional and high quality equipment that would cost an arm and a leg to yourself
    • Advice from arborists about how to take care of your trees so they can thrive

    Get Our Services Today

    If your trees need a little trimming, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. We will shape, prune and help your trees grow and become more productive. In case you are not sure whether or not you might need to have your tree removed, our professional arborists will take a look at the trees and determine whether they only need some trimming instead. This will save your tree and save you some money as well.

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