• Stump Removal and Grinding

  • Stump grinding is removing the last remnants of a tree.  Whether you are looking to clear up an unsightly stump, or just clearing land around your property whatever the case, Tree Service Springfield Massachusetts provides stump grinding services that will get rid of those rotted and burdensome stumps once and for all.

  • When to Remove a Stump

    Stumps can be fun to have around the compound. They can be an important part of children’s play time as they climb onto and jump off. When they are maintained well, stumps can also be temporary chairs that you can sit on when doing some outside work such as repairs. However, it is important to know when it is time to have these stumps removed for the sake of your children, your pets and for the health of your plants.

    Stumps tend to rot and decay with time. They therefore become the perfect place for diseases and for pests to thrive. These pests could spill over into your home or affect your pets. In such a case, you then have to remove the stump since it is a health hazard. In other cases, stumps might start growing back into trees and this will beat the whole point of why the tree was removed in the first place. It is therefore important to remove these stumps.

    Benefits of Stump Removal

    Removing stumps can be beneficial in many ways. Firstly, it will reduce the number of injuries that result from your children falling off the stump. It also helps adults who tend to trip over the stump in case they are in a hurry. Secondly, tree stump grinding helps to level your lawn. This will allow you to make some changes to the landscape without hindrances such as unleveled ground. Eventually, it also helps to make lawn mowing much smoother.

    Additionally, stump grinding provides you with some great material for mulching. The shavings will act as mulch in your garden or for other plants. This saves you the money you would have used on mulch. It also comes in handy as a source of revenue if you opt to sell the mulch. For those who have other plants they would like to preserve, stump grinding ensures that the decay, rot, pests and diseases are kept at bay. This ultimately helps you cultivate a healthier lawn.

    Why Choose Us

    We are a professional team of experts. We have the skills and training for stump grinding. We also have the latest equipment to ensure that the job is done well. We provide you with an assurance that the stump will not grow back and that your lawn will stay as leveled as you would like it to be if you do not plant more trees.

    Once you contact us, we will come over and examine the stump: how big and wide it is as well as other properties. This will give us an idea of all the work we need to do and thus allow us to give you a free estimate. This customized estimate, unlike generalized or standard estimates, is accurate.

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