• As a homeowner you are responsible for maintaining your home both inside and out.  Homeowners generally struggle when it comes to deciding whether or not to tackle a project yourself or hire a professional to do the work.  In the case of tree removal, unless the tree is very small both in height and diameter I would recommend hiring a professional to remove it.

    First, a professional will have the proper equipment to do the job efficiently and at a reasonable cost.  Unless you are removing a tree far away from anything that could be damaged or you plan on removing a number of trees from your land it will cost you a great deal of money to buy the proper equipment to do the job safely and efficiently.  Just because you might be handy around the house doesn’t make you an expert in taking down a 30 foot high 3′ in diameter tree.  The dangers involved in tree cutting vary from operating the equipment, to ensuring that the tree falls in a safe direction away from people, property, and animals.

    Personally I have found out after the fact that many household projects that I thought I could save money on by doing myself turn out to cost me far more time than it is worth and with a better outcome.  Professional Arborists have skills that make taking down and removing trees a simple and painless task.  Unless you plan to have a number of trees removed from your land these professionals will often have the job done in a matter of hours.

    If the tree appears to be dying, decaying, or hanging over a structure I wouldn’t think twice about hiring a professional to take care of the job.  The tree company carries insurance to cover themselves should any damage occur when they remove the tree.  You will have to rely on your homeowners insurance and the eventual increase in policy costs should you be responsible for damages and have to make a claim.

    You should contact several local tree services and have respond and provide you with a written estimate for the work you require.  The representative will look at the location of the tree and determine the best course of action to remove it.  They will be sure to note if the tree is in or around any power lines and assess where the tree can safely be dropped.

    Larger trees may require the technician to remove or lop off the branches to prepare the trunk of the tree for removal.  After the branches have been removed they will usually “top” the tree by cutting sections of it off at a time and securing them with ropes to decrease the risk of the tree falling and causing damage as well as assisting with getting the tree safely down to the ground.  The more work that is required to remove the tree, the higher your estimate will be.  Once the tree is down to the stump, you can determine whether or not to have the company remove the stump or leave it.  Removing the stump requires a special grinder and would require an additional charge.

    Overall the safety and peace of mind you will get from knowing that the job will be done right is well worth the cost of hiring any professional tree company.  These are some of the things to consider before hiring a company to remove a tree.