• So you have finally decided it is time to start contacting a tree removal company to have your tree taken down, normally the next question is…what is this going to cost me?

    There are a few factors that can ultimately determine what removal costs will be.  Some of these factors have absolutely nothing to do with the job itself:

    Scenarios that cause higher job estimates include:

    • The tree care business can fluctuate between feast and famine and it may be directly related to the weather or is the job an emergency? If a storm has caused heavy damage in the area tree care companies may be in high demand for their services.  A high demand or those jobs that need to be taken care of immediately will always increase the cost of the work.
    • The scope of work required to be done. A very large tree or a tree that is in a dangerous or precarious spot that require the Arborist to use heavy equipment and rigging to fell the tree will always increase the prices charged for tree work.  Bigger trees mean more labor costs, more cutting, more chipping, more hauling, and ultimately more money for the person requesting the service.

    Scenarios that work in favor of the home or property owner include:

    • Time of year may have a direct impact on the quote for your business. Tree service businesses generally see a significant drop off in requested quotes around the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.  This slowdown will often continue straight through into the New Year.  During the Christmas Holidays people are spending time with family and spending money on travelling or purchasing gifts and there usually isn’t extra money available for side projects.  The slow down often continues into January  when people start receiving their credit card bills showing charges for all of their holiday expenses.  Requesting a quote during this time may get you the best price you will find at any point throughout the year.
    • If you are not in a rush to have the work done you may be able to schedule a time for the work to be completed when the tree care company has other work in close proximity to you. Tree companies love to be able to complete several jobs in the same area as it makes the company much more efficient with their resources.  If the business can schedule 3 jobs in a day that are relatively close to each other that business may offer to do the work at a discount compared to other estimates you have received.

    As you can see there really is no one size fits all pricing structure for tree work.  Often times how busy the company is, whether or not the job is emergency related and how much work has to be done are the main driving factors behind tree service estimates.  If you are able to delay having your problem taken care of until the slower times of the year, you may get a better deal for the work that you need done.  Still have questions?  Learn more about tree removal procedures.